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Perhaps the greatest challenge today in health care is in taking action against many of today’s chronic degenerative diseases before they need the use of our technological and medical advances.


It is important to remember that although ‘Global Health’ needs to be a priority, health needs to be tackled both individually and collectively in our cities, small towns, local villages, corporations, and small companies.


The issue of health may have been foreign to employers a few years ago but today, with so much time being lost at work from illness and poor productivity due to low levels of endurance, and other indicators that are performance related: high performance in the workplace depends predominantly on staff wellness.


Sustaining Peak Performance – Choi Kwang Do Wellness Programs

When an employee is strong and resilient physically, they are stronger mentally and emotionally, they perform better!


Sustaining peak performance in the face of change and pressure is now a requirement for all managers, executives and employees. Long hours, deadlines and interruptions are just some of the hectic work stresses that affect us all today. Companies often invest in training to improve time management skills, communication, sales, leadership skills and other skill sets, but high performance has a great deal to do with physical and mental wellness.


A Choi Kwang Do Corporate Wellness Program will work on enhancing three key areas to impact the wellness and productivity of employees:


Physically, our classes build endurance, because much of success is dependent on the ability to keep on going.


Emotionally, our classes are noncompetitive, and have been designed to create the right internal balance, which will  help to create the right performance state.


Mentally, our classes are high-impact and develop focus and concentration, key skills for all employees to develop and refine – being able to focus energy on the task at hand.


Implementing a Choi Kwang Do wellness program will bring a variety of benefits to workers and families. Fitness is now becoming the best and most reliable marker and predictor of all-cause mortality. Fitness is now commonly accepted and critically important for health, drive, and performance.


Choi Kwang Do Martial Art International can offer companies and corporations an exciting, unique, martial arts and wellness program with a difference. The art itself is noncontact and therefore safe for practitioners of all ages. Self-defense skills are developed in a friendly, noncompetitive class environment where personal development is paramount. This way, skills such as concentration, listening, and focus can be worked on, developed and refined. Fitness develops naturally as a result of training in the gradually progressive, complete, holistic system designed by Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi. Grandmaster Choi, a 9th Degree Black Belt, has over 50 years of experience of training and teaching in the martial arts.

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