Text Box: Golden Age Program

Choi Kwang-Do's Senior program is designed specifically for adults ages 50 and up.  It was once thought that only athletes and children could train in the martial arts.  Those days are far behind us with Choi Kwang Do. Choi Kwang-Do is "The Martial Art For Life"  Choi Kwang Do is designed for optimal health and longevity.  Grandmaster Choi has paid particular attention to the body, its organs and how it functions.  Knowing how our body reacts in certain situations, how our central nervous system interacts with our muscles, brain, and outside environment, helped Grandmaster Choi design a program that is beneficial to our bodies and will prevent decay and create optimal health.  With nine physical and one psychological component, Choi Kwang Do provides a complete system for optimal health.  By practicing Choi Kwang Do on a regular basis, many benefits can be achieved, some of which are:


1. Promote good health.


2. Increase cardiovascular endurance.


3. Improve strength and flexibility


4. Develop inner strength


5. Increase peace of mind.


6. Increase bone density through low to medium impact.


7. Help Prevent the onset of degenerative diseases.


8. Develop a positive outlook in life


9. Train in a friendly, loving caring environment with like minded individuals

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